What The Heck is VLM??

 VLM ( Very Low Moisture) Carpet Cleaning Enter polymer encapsulating carpet cleaning technology.  Huh?  So typically we have always been taught that as professional cleaners one has to have the most powerful, most expensive, hottest truck mounted carpet cleaner on the market.  The truckmount is an amazing piece of equipment and for us we still use it about %85 of the jobs that we clean.  The cleaning method commonly referred to as "steam" cleaning is technically called HWE or hot water extraction.  In this style of cleaning a pre conditioning cleaning agent is applied to the carpet fibers and allowed to dwell for some time, followed by a bit of machine agitation and a hot water rinse/extraction and ta-da, you have some super fresh smelling and clean carpets.  While this method is very effective at removing deeply embedded soils and stains it is not the end all do all method to cleaning carpets.  Some carpet fibers actually respond better to a lower moisture cleaning in which

Welcome To The Team Danny

Meet The Newest Clean Team Member The look of determination in this photo is a perfect visual depiction of the integrity of Danny; the newest Timothy & Co. Clean Team member.  Danny comes from a background in the janitorial industry and it definitely shows in his understanding of cleaning systems and his quality of work.  Danny and I (Chris) actually go way back to the early 2000's skateboard scene in Morris (yea it was hopin' back then!) and I was thrilled to run into him this summer after he had recently relocated back to the area.  You will see Danny in pretty much every role we have here at Timothy's and I hope you get the opportunity to meet him in person he is a genuine one of a kind guy!  Welcome to the team Danny!

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Carpet Cleaning Myths Exposed

  You shouldn't ever have your carpets cleaned because they will get dirtier faster. This is the most common misconception that we hear and it is due in large part to old carpet cleaning technology from the beginning of time.  Back in the day carpet cleaning companies didn't have access to the science that is available today.  Most cleaners were filled with tons of detergents and because of the lack of technology in carpet cleaning equipment the residue wasn't able to be removed all the way which resulted in rapid re-soiling of carpets.  This is the same thing that happens when you rent one of those super market carpet cleaners.  Thanks to leaps and bounds in the carpet cleaning chemistry world we now have access to some amazing cleaning products that rinse freely from carpet,  we also have come along way with the power of equipment that is used to clean carpets.  Our truckmounted extractor has carpets dry in about 8 hours and carpets are left residue free and soft to the t

Check Out Those Results

 We love testing and trying out new equipment and techniques to see how we can offer the most diverse clean to our clients.  This hallway was in and apartment building that had years of foot traffic and abuse,  because of the location and the fact that people were going to be walking on it right after the cleaning we decided to take out our newest machine, the Mytee Eco Pro 17.  This machine is unique in the fact that it doesn't use our typical hot water extraction method to flush and rinse dirt away.  Instead it uses a combination of polymer chemistry, aggressive oscillating action, and microfiber bonnets to grind the dirt away. The carpets are dry almost immediately and the chance of stubborn stains returning are minimized.  All in all we love this new machine and it is great to have it in our arsenal. Oh yeah and check out Cisco's skills on this thing!  

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We Get The Dirt Out!

This was one fun night of Commercial cleaning.  We invested in a new piece of equipment which allows us to add diversity to our cleaning methods.  While we are convinced our truck mounted hot water extraction is the superior method of carpet cleaning this VLM or very low moisture seems to give amazing results on commercial grade, low pile carpet.  The secret is in the chemistry that is used along with the intense oscillating action of the Mytee Eco17.  The products used in VLM are boosted with polymers that encapsulate the dirt and dry to a brittle crystal to be extracted through the vacuuming process.  This method uses considerably less water and therefore leaves carpets virtually dry.  This can be a huge advantage for instances where large amounts of staining exist, whenever there is left over moisture in the carpet there is risk for stains to wick back up.  With this method of cleaning it greatly reduces those chances.  We love being able to offer multiple forms of clean