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Cabin Refr3sh

  I love how this shot turned out, at this moment we were running our pre-agitation tool known as a CRB (counter rotating brush) This particular tool has (2) 10 inch cylindrical brushes that rotate away from each other making the tool almost float across the carpet.  The benefit of using this tool is multi dimensional,  first it works our pre cleaner deeper into the carpet fibers to allow it to start to emulsify dirt and oils.  Second it helps dislodge any remaining soiling left behind by the pre vacuum step.  It is also a huge asset to our technicians in that they do not have to hand scrub all of that carpet!  We believe that by having the right tools, knowledge, and integrity we can offer the highest standard of cleaning to our clients.  This photo was shot at a beautiful house on Lake Amelia just east of Glenwood.  To experience an in depth carpet cleaning by Timothy & Co give us a ring or book online right here on our site, we look forward to working with you!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Action