What The Heck is VLM??

 VLM ( Very Low Moisture) Carpet Cleaning

Enter polymer encapsulating carpet cleaning technology.  Huh?  So typically we have always been taught that as professional cleaners one has to have the most powerful, most expensive, hottest truck mounted carpet cleaner on the market.  The truckmount is an amazing piece of equipment and for us we still use it about %85 of the jobs that we clean.  The cleaning method commonly referred to as "steam" cleaning is technically called HWE or hot water extraction.  In this style of cleaning a pre conditioning cleaning agent is applied to the carpet fibers and allowed to dwell for some time, followed by a bit of machine agitation and a hot water rinse/extraction and ta-da, you have some super fresh smelling and clean carpets.  While this method is very effective at removing deeply embedded soils and stains it is not the end all do all method to cleaning carpets.  Some carpet fibers actually respond better to a lower moisture cleaning in which the cleaning agent suspends soiling into a super brittle polymer crystal that can be broken down and extracted dry (vacuuming)  We have learned that with most low pile commercial grade carpets this method actually produces better looking results.  Take commercial glue down carpet tiles for example.  The backing on this carpet is made of rubber and there is very little face fiber to need the amount of water produced by our truckmount.  We started testing cleaning this kind of carpet with our Might Eco Pro 17 OP machine.  Think of this beast as an orbital sander on steroids.  The aggressive motion of the head and the cleaning chemistry of the solution is a knock out combo for cleaning these commercial grade carpets.  This is often referred to as "dry" cleaning but it's actually VLM or very low moisture.  Carpets are dry sometimes in 30 min and the chances of deeply embedded stains wicking back to the top of the carpet are minimized by this technology.   We quickly realized that using our OP machine and the encap technology gave us better results in fewer amount of time with less effort for the technician.  Not to mention the drastic reduction in the amount of water that is used to clean with.  We love having the ability, technology, and equipment to offer whatever kind of carpet cleaning is needed in any given situation.


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