Carpet Cleaning Myths Exposed


You shouldn't ever have your carpets cleaned because they will get dirtier faster.

This is the most common misconception that we hear and it is due in large part to old carpet cleaning technology from the beginning of time.  Back in the day carpet cleaning companies didn't have access to the science that is available today.  Most cleaners were filled with tons of detergents and because of the lack of technology in carpet cleaning equipment the residue wasn't able to be removed all the way which resulted in rapid re-soiling of carpets.  This is the same thing that happens when you rent one of those super market carpet cleaners.  Thanks to leaps and bounds in the carpet cleaning chemistry world we now have access to some amazing cleaning products that rinse freely from carpet,  we also have come along way with the power of equipment that is used to clean carpets.  Our truckmounted extractor has carpets dry in about 8 hours and carpets are left residue free and soft to the touch!  This myth is totally busted!

Carpet cleaners use hazardous chemicals to clean with.

I am going to attribute this one to some bad apples and fear driven media.  Because the carpet cleaning industry is not regulated to a certain degree any company is free to use whatever cleaners they wish.  However this is not the common narrative in the carpet cleaning industry.  Most all products used by professional cleaners today are non toxic.  The majority of products we use are 99% green and are completely safe both for you the customer and for our clean team. This is a great reason to do your research when hiring a carpet cleaning company to make sure you don't get the 1 bad apple that chooses not to uphold the high standard that most carpet cleaners abide by.  Also do yourself a favor and turn the news off...  This myth is plausible but if you hire Timothy & Co. it is totally busted!

Carpet cleaning is bad for the environment.

It is hard to say these days what one would consider "bad" for the environment but carpet cleaning certainly doesn't rank up there for harming the world we live in, sure I suppose the truckmount produces small amounts of exhaust emissions (many which are built today are complying with new emissions regulations) As mentioned above all of the cleaners we here at Timothy & Co. have chosen to stock in our arsenal are non toxic and that includes to our wonderful planet that our Lord has created. Our wastewater is disposed of in a legal and safe disposal site.  I can not think of much more that one would consider harmful to the environment in our industry so I will call this one busted!

Various at-home remedy stain removers.

We just responded to an emergency stain removal for some finger nail polish that had been spilled over a large area of living room carpet.  When asked our client had given us a list of about 5 different products that she had tried to use in effort to remove the staining material.  When we showed up we saw them all lined up and it was astonishing!!  We saw WD-40, vinegar, baking soda, and goo gone just to name a few  Now I do realize that the internet is never ever wrong but seriously!?  One of the worst things you can do as a homeowner is start throwing everything but the kitchen sink at your carpet, not only because it can be harmful to your carpet but also the different products can react in a very negative way.  Not to mention that many at home attempts can all but nullify any work that us professionals would try to attempt.  Please leave the stain removal process to the professionals,  when in doubt always go with a damp cloth (water) and blot the staining material to remove as much as possible and then call your local professional carpet cleaner!  Sorry Pintrest but your at home stain removers are busted!


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