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Carpet Cleaning Myths Exposed

  You shouldn't ever have your carpets cleaned because they will get dirtier faster. This is the most common misconception that we hear and it is due in large part to old carpet cleaning technology from the beginning of time.  Back in the day carpet cleaning companies didn't have access to the science that is available today.  Most cleaners were filled with tons of detergents and because of the lack of technology in carpet cleaning equipment the residue wasn't able to be removed all the way which resulted in rapid re-soiling of carpets.  This is the same thing that happens when you rent one of those super market carpet cleaners.  Thanks to leaps and bounds in the carpet cleaning chemistry world we now have access to some amazing cleaning products that rinse freely from carpet,  we also have come along way with the power of equipment that is used to clean carpets.  Our truckmounted extractor has carpets dry in about 8 hours and carpets are left residue free and soft to the t