The Cisco Kid

Meet The Newest Clean Team Member

The first day I ever met Cisco I had picked him up for a "ride along" basically to get to know him and see if he would be a good fit for the team,  kind of like a try out of sorts,  well I wasn't really planning to have him do a whole lot of cleaning maybe just watch and see kind of learning.  At our first job I decided to put him to work doing the pre vacuuming upstairs, I figured even if he was horrible at it I could take over,  I came upstairs to find him down on his hands and knees vacuuming all the baseboard edges! Could it be the very thing I have to tell guys over and over; to make sure and vacuum edges well, Cisco is doing on his own!?  Needless to say he was hired on the spot!  Welcome to the team Cisco Muniz!



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