We Get The Dirt Out!

This was one fun night of Commercial cleaning.  We invested in a new piece of equipment which allows us to add diversity to our cleaning methods.  While we are convinced our truck mounted hot water extraction is the superior method of carpet cleaning this VLM or very low moisture seems to give amazing results on commercial grade, low pile carpet.  The secret is in the chemistry that is used along with the intense oscillating action of the Mytee Eco17.  The products used in VLM are boosted with polymers that encapsulate the dirt and dry to a brittle crystal to be extracted through the vacuuming process.  This method uses considerably less water and therefore leaves carpets virtually dry.  This can be a huge advantage for instances where large amounts of staining exist, whenever there is left over moisture in the carpet there is risk for stains to wick back up.  With this method of cleaning it greatly reduces those chances.  We love being able to offer multiple forms of cleaning for our clients!


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