Meet Some New Faces


We've Got Some New Faces Around Here

The vision here has never been to focus around an owner operator business model.  We've always had dreams of hiring, training, equipping, and empowering men and women into the cleaning profession.  Although we are just getting started we have dreams of great people coming on board with us to accomplish this vision.  Here are a few of the new faces.

Ketwon Lindsey AKA "T"

T came up to me as I was cleaning some carpets one summer day and asked how I had found a job, I replied that I was the owner  of the business to which he responded "Do you have room for me?"  Something struck me about his ambition to work and create things, so even though I really didn't have room for him I made room.  T has gained experience with carpet cleaning, VCT strip and waxing floors, and air duct cleaning and has a bright future here with the Timothy & Co. Clean Team.  You will be seeing more of this kid this summer once school is out.

Ryan Dingman

Ryan has been with the Timothy's name for the last 3 years off and on.  He started out as summer help and is now balancing 3 jobs in which one of them is the Timothy & Co. Clean Team.  Ryan has experience carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning.  One of the coolest things I have noticed about Ryan is his calm nature, even when the boss is getting flustered out on the job Ryan always keeps his cool.  He's a great guy to have on board and we hope you have the pleasure of meeting him.


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