When the Tornado Sirens Go Off..

You Just Never Know What to Expect

So the other day I had arrived at my clients home in Alexandria,  it was one of those humid August days here in Minnesota.  I got to work cleaning some upholstery on the homes main level and moved on to cleaning the living room carpets.  The homeowners children were hard to work detailing some of their vehicles in the garage whilst mom was making plans for the upcoming school year.   It started to down pour so I went outside to make sure my van was mostly closed up.  The thing with my truck mount is that the side doors at the very least have to be open,  I prefer that all windows and doors be open to allow proper air flow for cooling the machine but worst case I can run it with just side doors open.  Well I got the van how I wanted it and also got soaked in the process.  On my way back into the home my phone started buzzing and beeping,  thinking it was a phone call I took it out and read the alert "tornado spotted in your area, take shelter"  So I casually entered the home to which all 3 kids were buzzing about "hey mom did you hear the tornado warning go off?"  I guess I didn't initially take it too serious until the towns sirens started blasting for at least 5 minutes straight.  To which I responded by shutting my van down and we all went to hang out in the basement.  The kids and I talked snowboarding and hunting while mom kept an eye on the storm from her phone.  This was one job that will always be memorable in so many ways.  I so appreciate all of our customers for so many different reasons but especially when they offer to potentially save my life!!  The storm passed and I was able to finish my job.



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