Stain Removal By Timothy & Co.

Blood Stains

While it may not be the most glamorous job it sure is satisfying to see results like these.  These stains were from a customer who got a little too antsy in removing some bandages from a toe nail surgery.  Once the bandages were off there was no turning back and as you can see the carpet took the brunt of the damage.  It is always best to only lightly blot the stain with a warm wet cloth.  DO NOT USE SOAP!!  Soap makes a bubbly mess and leaves sticky residue in your carpet that will attract dirt and soil.  Although there are some over the counter stain removers that work well there are just as many that do not so be careful what you are using to do at home stain removal.  Some products will even set the stain permanently.  As you can see here the homeowner had not touched this stain and it was able to be properly and professionally removed.  Another successful clean performed by Timothy & Co.



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