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HydraMaster RX-20

We headed out to get some offices cleaned up at Boys Supply in Hancock last weekend.  The carpets are a low pile commercial grade that take a beating from all of the mud, dirt, and shop grease.  I wanted to make sure we properly went about getting as much soiling up as I could.  The RX-20 is unique in that it rotates 5 flexible heads with suction as well as t jets.  This configuration allows multiple cleaning passes to be made in a short amount of time and less operator fatigue.  With the right chemistry and pre aggitation these carpets cleaned up beautiful and the client was pleased.  Just another diverse cleaning system brought to you by Timothy & Co.

Tile and Grout

Tile and grout can be such a pain to clean by hand.  Thankfully here at Timothy & Co. we have special equipment to clean your grout lines with high pressure, hot water.  Our system leaves your floors dry within minutes and ready to either be walked on or sealed.  Call to schedule your tile and grout clean.


Steam is a gas while water is a liquid.  Sooo which one do we clean with?  Technically water that is hot enough to produce a "steam" as it leaves the jets on our carpet cleaning wands.  Hot enough to kill most bacteria on contact and blast dirt and grease from your carpet fibers!

Our 370SS Truckmount

Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truckmount Our new hot 370SS from Sapphire Scientific is one beasty machine.  Capable of running up to 1200 PSI for hard surface cleaning such as pressure washing and tile and grout. Turn it down and clean fine fabric upholstery and natural fiber rugs, this machine does it all.