Timothy & Co. Tackles Rat Nasty

Proven Results

With our 4 step cleaning process you can be sure that your carpets and textiles are getting the most thorough clean.  First we start with a deep dry soil extraction, our CRB machine combs dust and hair out of the carpet at levels that vacuums are not able to reach.  Next we apply our pre clean which starts to emulsify oils and dirt that has embedded in your carpet's face fibers.  As this is dwelling we agitate again with our CRB to ensure that the pre clean is worked as far down toward the backing of your carpet as possible, this provides us with uniform cleaning results throughout the entire room.  We follow up with our truck mounted hot water extraction system which delivers water temps upwards of 200 degrees,  this rinses the dirt, oil, and odor causing bacteria from your carpets and is extracted back into our truck's waste tank leaving your carpets clean and dry.  


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