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Wood Floor Scrub

This home was remodeled a few years back and the home owner had done the refinish on these beautiful wood floors.  It came time to sell the house and he wanted them touched up a bit.  We used a soft scrub pad followed up with a cotton blend bonnet to get them to pop once again. 

Tile & Grout Clean

We often get asked if we can clean tile and grout professionally with our truckmount....the answer is yes! 

Helping Small Business During CO-VID19

Faction Boardshop Gets A Freshening I (Chris) have always had a passion for extreme sports.  Whether snowboarding or skating it has followed my life pretty much since I was 10 or 11 years old.  Having a local skate shop like The Faction was paramount to my hobby.  Local skate shops have been dropping like flies the last few years because of online purchasing and lack of local support.  Its amazing places like The Faction are still here to serve the local scene.  A few days ago I was honored to pay it back and freshen up some carpets at there Broadway store front in Alexandria.  

Timothy & Co. Tackles Rat Nasty

Proven Results With our 4 step cleaning process you can be sure that your carpets and textiles are getting the most thorough clean.  First we start with a deep dry soil extraction, our CRB machine combs dust and hair out of the carpet at levels that vacuums are not able to reach.  Next we apply our pre clean which starts to emulsify oils and dirt that has embedded in your carpet's face fibers.  As this is dwelling we agitate again with our CRB to ensure that the pre clean is worked as far down toward the backing of your carpet as possible, this provides us with uniform cleaning results throughout the entire room.  We follow up with our truck mounted hot water extraction system which delivers water temps upwards of 200 degrees,  this rinses the dirt, oil, and odor causing bacteria from your carpets and is extracted back into our truck's waste tank leaving your carpets clean and dry.